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Phantogram - Musical duo
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Phantogram, the dynamic duo known for their genre-blending sound and electrifying performances, is back on tour in 2024.

With a unique mix of electronic rock, dream pop, and trip-hop, Phantogram has captivated audiences worldwide. As fans eagerly await their return to the stage, securing presale tickets becomes a top priority.

What is the Presale Code for Phantogram’s 2024 Tour?

Presale TypePresale Code
Citi Card 546616
Chase Card 428208 / 541712

Why Should One Attend Phantogram’s Tour?

Attending Phantogram’s tour is more than just a concert experience; it’s an immersion into a world where soundscapes and visual artistry collide. Here are compelling reasons to secure your tickets:

  1. Innovative Sound: Phantogram’s music is a unique blend of various genres, ensuring a fresh and engaging auditory experience.
  2. Live Performance Energy: Known for their high-energy shows, Phantogram’s live performances are packed with captivating visuals and powerful sound.
  3. New Material: Fans can expect to hear tracks from their latest album, along with classic hits that defined their career.
  4. Community and Atmosphere: Join fellow fans and become part of a vibrant community that shares a deep appreciation for Phantogram’s artistry.
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How Do I Get Phantogram’s Presale Password?

Getting Phantogram’s presale code involves a few strategic steps:

  1. Subscribe to Newsletters: Sign up for Phantogram’s official newsletter and those of major ticketing platforms.
  2. Follow on Social Media: Keep an eye on Phantogram’s official social media accounts for announcements and presale code releases.
  3. Join Fan Clubs: Become a member of the Phantogram fan club to receive exclusive presale codes and other perks.
  4. Credit Card Offers: Check if your credit card provider offers presale access for concerts and events.

Presale Ticket Buying Guide

Securing presale tickets can be competitive, but with the right approach, you can increase your chances:

  1. Sign Up Early: Ensure you’re registered on the relevant ticketing platforms and subscribe to Phantogram’s mailing list for exclusive updates.
  2. Use Multiple Devices: On the day of the presale, use multiple devices and browsers to increase your chances of getting through.
  3. Stay Ready: Have your payment information ready to go, and double-check your details to avoid any last-minute hitches.
  4. Be Persistent: If tickets appear sold out, keep refreshing the page as additional tickets may be released.
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Connect with the Music

Stay connected with Phantogram for the latest tour updates and exclusive content:

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