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Millennium Parade - Musical band
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Millennium Parade is a groundbreaking multimedia collective founded by Daiki Tsuneta, a member of the Japanese rock band King Gnu.

Known for their eclectic sound and visually stunning performances, Millennium Parade has quickly risen to prominence in the global music scene.

The Presale Code for Millennium Parade’s 2024 Tour

Presale TypePresale Code
Citi Card 546616
The Danforth Music HallGOLDENWEEK
Chase Card 428208 / 541712
Embrace PresentsGOLDENWEEK

Why Should One Attend Millennium Parade’s Tour?

  1. Innovative Music: Millennium Parade’s sound is a fusion of various genres, including rock, electronic, and orchestral music, creating a unique auditory experience.
  2. Visual Spectacle: Their concerts are known for their impressive visual elements, incorporating stunning graphics, lighting, and stage design.
  3. Cultural Fusion: The collective seamlessly blends traditional Japanese music and modern influences, offering a culturally rich performance.
  4. Talented Lineup: The ensemble features a rotating cast of talented musicians, each bringing their expertise and flair to the stage.
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How to Get Millennium Parade Presale Tickets?

  1. Join Fan Clubs: Sign up for Millennium Parade’s fan club for exclusive presale access.
  2. Follow Social Media: Keep an eye on Millennium Parade’s social media channels for announcements and presale codes.
  3. Subscribe to Newsletters: Subscribe to newsletters from ticketing platforms for presale information.
  4. Utilize Credit Card Offers: Some credit cards offer presale access as part of their perks.

Buyer’s Playbook: Smart Ticket Strategies

  1. Use Multiple Devices: Log in on multiple devices to increase your chances of getting tickets.
  2. Check Alternate Dates: If the first date sells out quickly, try for additional tour dates.
  3. Stay in the Queue: Even if the site says tickets are sold out, stay in the virtual queue as more tickets might become available.
  4. Avoid Third-Party Sellers: Stick to official ticket vendors to avoid scams and inflated prices.
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Connect with the Music

Stay updated with Millennium Parade and connect with the collective through their social media platforms:

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